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I am still alive. And the project as well :) The xpcps 0.0.9 is ready. There are a lot of modifications. Check the documentations for details, and go on to try it. Note, that this version is an incompatible one. It cannot be used with libgrammar 0.0.1, but a new version of the latter one is also coming.

Timo K Suoranta pointed out, that there are some packaging errors. For example in libgrammar-0.0.1.tar.gz:
   [machine ~/tmp/lsys]$ tar xvzf libgrammar-0.0.1.tar.gz 
   tar: Skipping to next header

   gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated
   tar: Child returned status 1
   tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
I will try to solve the problem, but the new version is on its way. A new (and uncompatible) version of xpcps (0.0.9) is ready, but my internet connection is a bit slow (ATAPI ZIP drive :), so you have to wait a bit :)

Sorry for the late update :) But the xpcps, turtle and grlib are available already. Check out grlib file list at SourceForge.

xpcps 0.0.1 is released.
Finally :) This means libgrammar and turtle are coming also! Untill then download the xpcps 0.0.1 source tarball, and play with it. Bug reports are welcome!

Homepage created and it is now online.
I'm still working on the general framework, and when I'm ready with the autoconf stuff I will put an initial release on SourceForge. Stay tuned.

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